Step by step procedure

testerhire bullet point Firstly check with our sales department that we have availability for your required testing dates by calling
0208 135 2590or email sales@testerhire.co.uk
testerhire bullet point Complete our hire applcation form which requires your Limited company invoice details, delivery address with the T&C's box ticked, which also confirms you have your own company insurance in place and will make payment on receipt of our invoice.

testerhire bullet point Delivery will be made to your confirmed office or secure site address within the UK. Use outside of the UK is not permitted.
testerhire bullet point Cross hire, also known as third party hire, is not permitted.
testerhire bullet point After saving your completed results to the tester internal memory or your external memory card, download the results to your PC or laptop using the Fluke LinkWare results software download for presentation to you customer or warranty company.

testerhire bullet point Collection will then be arranged if required from your confirmed address once you have obtained an off-hire confirmation from us by 3.30pm on the day before the last hire day. Additional hire will be charged at the weekly rate which includes weekends over and above the initial hire period.




Pre-owned Fluke DSX-5000 for sale


Tel:0208 135 2590   Email: sales@testerhire.co.uk

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